All About Mouth Alcohol

Mouth alcohol, just as the name suggests, it is the alcohol that is tested on any media that’s found in the mouth. This can be from the saliva, tongue, when one blows air through the mouth, hiccups, burps among others. Police officers are suspecting motorists of DUI use mouth tests to determine whether the suspect passes BAC tests or not, and the presence of mouth alcohol from non-alcoholic sources is a great Maryland DUI defense case.

A hand-held device called breathalyzer is used by the police, and they will ask you to blow air through the device. Air that comes from the lungs passes through this breathalyzer, and the alcohol content is measured. This is then converted into the blood alcohol content to see if this BAC is higher than the recommended amount.

Maryland DUI lawyers will say that the level of accuracy, when you use a breathalyzer to calculate the BAC, is very high. However, the accuracy is never 100% since there are times when there may be a false positive BAC ratio. Some of the factors that usually bring about such false results include when you are under some strong medication, or you have some other drugs in your system. Nyquil is one of the medicinal drugs that can give an impression that your BAC is above the required amount. It is, therefore, a common practice for those who fail the breathalyzer test to be taken for further investigations where their blood is taken and used for analysis.

alcohol-drunkThere are also other products that are not alcoholic themselves but do have alcohol as their ingredients thereby bringing about a false BAC when a breathalyzer is used. Some mouthwashes, toothpastes, and some breath mints have alcohol as one of their primary ingredients. Blowing through the breathalyzer may give an impression that your BAC is above the acceptable levels yet you may not be under the influence of alcohol.

Acid influx diseases such as GERD, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers among others can give an impression that you are under the influence of alcohol. These diseases cause the formation of alcohol in the stomach and the gut as a whole. If you blow through the breathalyzer, it will give false positive results. These factors and others are just some of the reasons as to why the breathalyzer will never become popular even though it is continually used.

Police officers are therefore always required to be very keen and careful when testing for BAC using a breathalyzer so that a Baltimore DUI lawyer cannot get their client off without any charges. When a police officer has already began testing for your BAC and realizes that you are chewing something, or you just have something in your mouth, they are required to start the whole procedure afresh. It is a requirement that the police observe a suspect for an average of around 20 minutes to ensure that they don’t belch, have no hiccups, etc. before they can test their BAC by the use of a breathalyzer.

Annual DUI Arrest Numbers

DUI stands for: “driving under the influence;” is a crime in which one drives while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. DUI in the simplest definition refers to the act of driving a vehicle while one’s blood alcohol content is above the legally allowed limits hence exposing him/her and other road users to traffic accidents. Most states allow an average alcohol content limit of between 0.08-0.10 alcohol content for driving. However for persons under the age of 21 years, it is illegal to be found with any alcohol in your blood.

In the US alone, around 1,000,000 people are arrested on a deuce/DUI and about a third of such persons are those caught for repeat offenses and really need to hire the best Gilbert DUI lawyer. 50-75% of the drunk drivers convicted continue to drive even after their licenses have been suspended. On average, drunk drivers confess to having drove about 80 times under the influence before they were caught.

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The Hard Cost of Drunk Driving

DUI is believed to cost the economy of the US around $132 billion each year. People who die from DUI related accidents in the US alone annually can be projected to around 12,000. In cases of deaths from drunk driving in which children are also involved, more than 52% of these children are always with the drunk driver. In cases of road accident deaths, only 15% of the deaths attributed to DUI were during weekdays as opposed to 31% during the weekends.

Half of those drivers who die in road accidents with positive tests for other drugs also had alcohol in their systems. Males were more likely to be found DUI than females. Figures project a ratio of male to females being 13:7. Only about 7.9% of the women were likely to be caught DUI as compared to the men number of 15.1%.

The information that may be more shocking is that most of the drivers who needed a great Phoenix DUI lawyer were young adults. About 32% of these drivers are aged between 21-24 years. 30% of them are aged between 24-35 years while only 24% are aged between 35-44 years old according the numbers found from the Levee police district.

The average person will metabolize about one drink per hour. It is, therefore, to regulate the amount of alcohol you consume before going to drive, besides having enough rest in between your drinks and driving to allow for the alcohol to digest first. A person will only sober up with time and methods such as taking coffee, a cold shower or even exercising will not help.

The standard definition of a drink is about 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits containing the same content of alcohol. However, it should be noted that the level of alcohol impairment is measured by the amount of alcohol that is consumed and registered in the body rather than the type of alcohol at any given time.